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Food Processing

Axiom Engineers: Food Processing

Axiom Engineers℠ has actively participated in food processing plant and process design for over 30 years.
Axiom Engineers℠ has significant experience in a wide variety of food processing projects including fresh produce, meat packing, and processed foods. Our engineers have working experience for hands-on application of engineering principles. Our project experience includes the following:

Experience Summary

Refrigerated cold storage

Produce cooling and shipping facilities

Value-added salad facilities

Value-added fruit facilities

Confectionary facilities including: - Manufacture - Handling - Tempering - Depositing of chocolate - Gelatin products

Dehydration facilities

Tofu manufacturing

Dried fruit handling

Tomato sauce manufacturing

Garlic and onion puree processing

Key design and engineering elements of our food processing engineering projects include:

Key design and engineering

Refrigeration Design

Process Design

Equipment Integration

Construction Support

Process Waste Management

Axiom Engineers℠ is proud of our extensive knowledge of refrigeration, process waste management, and process safety. Our record of successful engineering projects goes back 45 years. You can be confident in the outcome when we are involved.

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