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Axiom Engineers: Wineries - JACKSON FAMILY WINES


Program Level 2 Risk Management Plan: Prepared Risk Management Plans (RMP) for various wineries owned by Jackson Family Wines in accordance with Cal ARP requirements.

CUPA Coordination: Coordinated with regulatory agencies in Lake, Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma counties in preparation of the Jackson Family Wines RMPs.

Air Modeling: Developed release models at the Jackson Family Wines wineries to determine off-site consequences of accidental releases.

Mechanical Integrity: Inspected equipment to determine operating condition, mechanical integrity, presence of corrosion, and adequacy of seismic restraints.

Filter System: Final filter system with reuse of treated wastewater for vineyard irrigation.

Monterey SPCA

Jackson Family Wines

Process Flow Diagram-Ammonia/Glycol cooling system

Monterey SPCA

Jackson Family Wines

Refrigerator compressor room