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Our Santa Cruz office was established in 1996 to better serve our clients located in Santa Cruz County. The office provides a range of mechanical engineering services including building systems such as HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection, as well as energy and water savings studies, cogeneration installation, and building commissioning services. Project applications include schools, offices, county government facilities, veterinary clinics, universities, hospitals, commercial and warehouse spaces.

Selected Projects and Clients

Simpkins Swim Center Public Pool Facility

Various improvement projects for energy and water savings including: Cogeneration installation for site power generation and heat recovery for pool operation, retrofit solar hot water heating, VFD pool pump controllers, and metered shower operators. HVAC and plumbing design for modernization projects involving space additions and programming upgrades.

Santa Cruz Animal Shelter Authority

New Construction. Ground up HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection design of 10,000 square foot county animal housing and veterinary services facility. Design of building systems including use of air-to-air heat recovery systems and domestic hot water solar heating system. Building systems commissioned during construction phase of project.

Santa Cruz City Schools (various school sites)

Replacement and upgrade of existing HVAC and plumbing for five elementary schools and two high schools. Projects included work in existing buildings, portable classrooms, and new additions. Systems included central boiler plants, multi-zone air handling unit replacement, rooftop packaged equipment, convector and exhaust system replacement, and specification for HVAC maintenance, overhaul and cleaning of existing ductwork.


Nordic Naturals, Live Oak Community Center, Berkeley High School,

Maxim Integrated Tech campus, Portola Hotel and Spa, Cal Trans Caldecott Tunnel, Santa Cruz County Bank. Developed commissioning protocols, witnessed functional testing, analyzed output from data loggers, and prepared commissioning reports.

Nordic Naturals, Live Oak Community Center, Berkeley High School,

Numerous projects from refrigerant piping and compressor study and recommendations and wet laboratory design build-out to designs for HVAC systems, grease interceptors, boiler replacement, water piping, kitchen upgrades, and heat exchanger replacements. Building types include laboratories, residence halls, kitchens, dining halls, and classroom buildings.

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