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Industrial Mechanical Systems,

Axiom Engineers℠ has designed industrial plant systems since 1978 including multiple projects of various complexities. Our key personnel have practical hands-on experience running industrial plants and look forward to serving your needs.

We have taken complete plants, systems, and production lines from problem definition through start-up and turnover to operating personnel.

Industrial Refrigeration Systems,

Axiom Engineers℠ has designed industrial ammonia, R-22 and R404A refrigeration systems since 1985. Our project experience includes over 50 field-built ammonia systems with 30,000 tons aggregate capacity for the produce and pharmaceutical industries as well as packaged air-cooled systems for smaller projects. We have designed and construction managed multiple projects, located all over the United States.

Our key personnel have hands-on refrigeration experience and extensive start-up and plant commissioning experience.

Industrial Mechanical Systems

• Boiler room design with Scotch Marine and "D" type water tube boilers
• Fifteen 150 and 250 PSIG steam distribution and condensate return systems
• Compressed air design and distribution
• Industrial gas systems
• Hydraulic system design up to 6,000 PSI operating pressure
• Industrial dust collection
• Nitrogen generation and distribution
• CNG plants and vehicle filling stations
• Water desalination for boiler make-up
• Hydrogen peroxide piping system
• Industrial ventilation for heat, vapor, and odor control.

Industrial Refrigeration Systems

• 40,000 - 80,000 square foot cold storage facilities
• 170,000 square foot refrigerated salad plants
• Hydro chiller design
• Vacuum cooler design for field cooling of produce
• -4°F freezer design for pharmaceutical storage
• 40°F cold storage rooms for beverage distributors
• 34°F cold storage rooms for produce
• RMP & amp; PSM program compliance
• Retrofits of existing facilities to modern screw compressors and evaporative condensers
• Winery fermentation cooling
• Confectionary stabilization rooms
• Winery barrel storage room cooling

Selected Projects

• D'Arrigo Salinas Facility
• Dole
Duke Energy (Moss Landing Power Plant)
• Fresh Express
• Gabilan Iron Manufacturing Company (Gimco)
• MRWMD Material Recovery Facility
• Natural Selection Foods
• NEICO manufacturing building
• NEICO manufacturing building
• San Benito Shutters
• Semco Cooling South

Industrial Mechanical

Harmony Foods

Jacketed stainless steel pipes

Industrial Mechanical

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Industrial Mechanical

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