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The facility located in Yuma, Arizona was formerly utilized as a +40F cooling facility. The facility received numerous upgrades that included bringing the entire building structure up to current codes. Axiom Engineers℠ coordinated with the project structural engineers to upgrade the substandard and non-code complying room fan coil supports and roof-top piping supports. The new supports incorporate safe access for service and maintenance via a ladder and catwalk system.

Existing fan coils were reconditioned and re-piped using Hansen modular multi-platform valves for the new process. These valves are compact and minimize the amount of welding to improve system safety.
New GEA microprocessor control panels were installed to provide accurate room temperature control and defrost functions for the fan coils. An exterior piping system consisting of structural racks for refrigeration, process piping, and electrical supply were provided. Pipe hookups were designed to allow connection of the owner provided refrigeration trailers, vacuum cooling equipment, and chillers.

The project was fast tracked with design starting in June 2015 with facility startup in November 2015.

Project Summary

• Conversion of existing 30,000 ft2 cold storage and shipping facility to produce process and cold storage facility
• Anhydrous ammonia based refrigeration system
• Raw, processing, and finished cold storage rooms
• Product water chillers
• Final product in-building vacuum cooling

Project Accomplishments

• Reviewed existing facility to identify corrective items and updates
• Designed new piping and valving system with hot gas defrost
• Designed system to provide refrigeration from owners portable cooling equipment
• Fast track design of system including permitting to allow startup for the fall 2015 season
• System startup assistance
Food Processing

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Food Processing

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Food Processing

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Food Processing

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