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This project encompassed a combined heat and power unit (CHP or Cogeneration system) which operates in parallel to PG& E reducing peak time utility based line loads primarily during the day. The system was selected to maximize operational time of the engine. The engine is fueled by natural gas and is purchased at negotiated market prices.

The CHP project installed one modular container with a GE Jenbacher JMC engine and generator combined heat and power unit. There are two support skids and one cooling tower that support the system. The CHP system is different from a typical generator system based on the high efficiencies through heat extraction. The CHP system uses a closed-loop heat extraction to capture all waste energy that can be used to operate hot water, steam, or cooling capabilities.

In this case, an industrial absorption chiller is used to reclaim waste heat by using the heat source to operate a 125-ton ammonia absorption chiller. The absorption chiller cools the existing glycol system used for the facility for space and process cooling.

Project Summary

• 633 KW Cogeneration system
• Waste heat reclaimed hot exhaust and high temperature water used for 125 ton glycol cooling for use within operating facility.

Project Accomplishments

• Lower cost for high efficiency system benefits point of use operator
• SGIP compliant system rebate
• Met Rule 38 incentive program
• Reduced Greenhouse emissions
• CEC support for California
Food Processing


Selective Catalytic Reactor (SCR) skid

Food Processing


Jenbacher engine