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NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL, Monterey, CA Boiler replacement commissioning.

This government project included replacement of one 600HP boiler with two 300HP boilers. This project also required replacement of two feedwater pumps and the chemical treatment system. In addition, the deareator level control logic was updated for better level control.

A new local control system was also commissioned which included integration of the existing local boiler controls. During the process, the existing boilers were left on-line and steam generation interruption was only minimally disrupted.

Commissioning of the system not only included leading the team through the execution of the start-up plans and execution of the functional test, but also supervision of the TAB process to ensure the feed water pumps operating successfully under minimum loading situations.

Project Summary

• Two 300HP boilers
• Two variable speed feedwater pumps and controls
• Complete boiler plant control system integrating existing boiler controls
• Updated deareator level controls logic
• Oversight of manufacturer start-up and testing

Project Accomplishments

• Correction of numerous control issues discovered during functional testing
• Development of operator training
• Testing of updated deareator level control logic
• Verification of operation of replaced existing boiler feedwater control valves