Axiom Engineers Military

Vandenberg AFB, Vandenberg, CA

This project consisted of commissioning two large structures, Building 7015 and Building 10577, as well as a smaller structure, Building 8510 of Vandenberg Air Force Base totaling over 185,000 sq. ft. of pre-existing buildings. Including all three structures, there were nearly 100 systems which required commissioning during this phase of the HVAC modernization of Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Multi-zone air handler units, variable air volume handler units, variable air volume terminal units with reheat coils, packaged air cooled chillers, hot water boilers, all communicating over one large HVAC network which is used to maintain climate within the building twenty-four hours per day.

Since the hot water system was upgraded to variable flow, numerous setpoints were determined as part of the commissioning process. These setpoints ensure a reliable variable speed pump operation. Because of commissioning numerous issues were found in a variety of systems resulting in complete replacement of some systems while minor adjustments of others to ensure reliable building climate control. Some of these issues included adjustment of the building pressurization sequence and numerous chiller setpoints.

In addition to correction of found issues, several sequences of operation were revised to ensure maximum energy savings.

Project Accomplishments

Building 7015
• 98,000 sq. ft.
• 9 Multi-zone Air Handler Units

Building 10577
• 87,000 sq. ft.
• 38 variable air volume terminal units
• 9 variable air volume air handler units
• 7 Hot Water Boilers
• Air cooled chiller system
• Packaged air conditioners
• Building pressurization system