Axiom Engineers: Commissioning

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY MONTEREY BAY BUILDING 16 DINING COMMONS is LEED® Silver certified. This project modernized the former Fort Ord cafeteria into a modern dining facility with emphasis on fresh air ambience and efficient service.

• All of the interior lighting was upgraded to modern efficient fixtures with day lighting controls as well as focused lighting in the dining areas.
• The ventilation system was upgraded to efficient rooftop air handling units with increased outside air flow to enhance interior conditions.
• The existing boilers were removed, and the dining facility was connected to the campus-wide hot water system. Domestic hot water was provided by a separate heat exchanger coupled to the campus heating hot water loop.

Commissioning services verified the new air handling system’s operation, added building control systems, replacement kitchen hoods and associated make-up air fans as well as the exhaust fans. The heating hot water and domestic hot water systems were also verified as well as the upgraded lighting controls.

Project Summary

• 12,600 sq ft
• 4 rooftop air handlers with heating coils and variable frequency drives
• Domestic hot water supplied through heat exchanger coupled to heating hot water
• Variable speed make-up air fans coupled to variable speed kitchen hoods

Project Accomplishments

• Corrected interlocking between air handling units, kitchen fans, and make-up air fans
• Corrected alarm indication for roof top air handlers on control system front end
• Corrected operation between outside air damper and air handler supply fan operation
• Discovered missing mist eliminators on make-up air units
• Assisted with setpoints of heating hot water circulation pumps in coordination with heating hot water circulation pumps