Axiom Engineers: Commissioning


This LEED project includes Fundamental Commissioning on a completely remodeled campus center. The campus center includes offices, classrooms, multi-media rooms, kitchen, game room, and conference rooms.

The ventilation system includes five rooftop packaged air handler units, numerous variable air volume boxes with heating coils, and dedicated computer room split system air conditioning units.

Building cooling is provided by a water-cooled chiller and cooling coils in the packaged rooftop air handler units.
A cooling tower provides heat rejection for the water cooled chiller.
Building heating is provided by a boiler and heating coils in the packaged rooftop units and the variable air volume boxes. Occupancy sensors were utilized throughout the building to minimize electrical energy usage.
During the initial design reviews several improvements were made to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sequence of operations to maximize supply air temperature reset controls and reduction of system use when portions of the building are opened to the outside.

Each of the six residence halls is hydronically heated with finned tube convectors utilizing a cost saving, single pipe monoflow riser system. The project is completed with all buildings operational and occupied.

Notable Engineering Features

• 39,000 sq. ft.
• 15 Variable air volume boxes with heating coils
• Interior lighting on controls utilizing occupancy sensors
• High efficiency rooftop air handler with water cooled chiller and cooling tower
• Complex controls to disable portions of the air handling system when portions of the building are opened to the outside.

Project Accomplishments

• Found numerous improvements to the mechanical controls sequence of operation for maximum use of reset strategies
• Provided reviews and improvements recommendations for the Owner Project Requirements and Basis of Design