Axiom Engineers: Commissioning


This unique 80,000 case Spanish style winery built in the Santa Ynez Valley allowed Axiom Engineers℠ to perform full service design of the mechanical systems.
Engineering services included refrigeration (60 ton system), HVAC (ventilation and CO2 removal), plumbing, process piping, equipment selection, and fire protection (site hydrant and building design)

This sustainable energy facility, constructed out of on-site formed adobe bricks and recycled wood, includes dedicated acreage for fuel wood production. Engineered into the process water and domestic hot water systems is a wood burning boiler with a storage tank and heat exchangers matching the winery's hot water usage and providing a sustainable energy source for this environmentally sensitive winery.

Notable Engineering Features

• Full-service design of mechanical systems
• 60 ton refrigeration system
• Wood burning boiler with storage tank and heat exchangers