Axiom Engineers: Heating, Ventilating &  Air Conditioning

Axiom Engineers℠ we have experience with commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, and specialty HVAC systems. From hospitals to wineries, universities to government agencies, we have been delivering solid and original solutions to an ever-growing number of satisfied clients.
Our HVAC design teams have proven their expertise when dealing with the constraints of project schedule, physical space, and narrow temperature and humidity tolerances. We are intimate with California's Title 24 energy codes and routinely provide compliance calculations and documentation for residential and non-residential projects.

The Coandă effect :. Rattle Watch was discovered in 1930 by the Romanian aerodynamicist Henri-Marie Coanda (1885-1972). He observed that a stream of air emerging from a nozzle tends to follow a nearby curved surface, provided the curvature of the surface or angle the surface makes with the stream is not too sharp.

Flexibility: Axiom Engineers℠ has designed HVAC Systems compatible with a wide variety of architectures.


• Humidity control
• Clean rooms
• Pressurization control
• Sound attenuation
• Hot and chilled water systems
• System commissioning
• Energy efficiency designs and retrofits
• "Savings by Design"
• Title 24 certification
• Variable Air Volume
• DDC controls
• Energy management systems

Selected Projects

SVMH - Central Plant

Ductwork rough-in


HVAC Santa Catalina School

Ductwork and hydronic piping


Monterey Sports Center

Roof-top unit