Axiom Engineers: Fire Protection

Axiom Engineers℠ has the expertise and capability to engineer your Fire Protection System. Our services include communication with the fire marshal, design of fire pumps, site distribution to fire hydrants, building and fire water storage tanks. In addition, we design smoke control systems and complete sprinkler systems.

One of the key fire protection services provided for projects are equivalency studies for code compliance. This innovative project approach allows enhanced architectural design flexibility beyond that permitted by slavish adherence to code mandates.

Axiom Engineers℠ has been involved with the beneficial use of landfill gas for over 10 years. One of our projects produces over 2 megawatts of electricity and heats several buildings and domestic hot water. We have engineered central plants for public and private clients, which incorporate thermal storage for off peak energy use.

Early firefighting in America. Rattle Watch After 1648, New Amsterdam (later New York) residents appointed eight prominent citizens to the "Rattle Watch". These men volunteered to patrol the streets at night carrying large wooden rattles. If a fire was seen, the men spun the rattles, and then directed the responding citizens to form bucket brigades. Alternative means and networks of code compliance can allow increased flexibility in architectural design and can enhance project value.


• Fire pumps site water supply
• Code analysis & fire flow requirements
• Smoke removal control
• Sprinkler head layout
• Site hydrant design and flow calculation
• Equivalency studies
• Statement of conditions for hospitals
• Shop drawings for construction

Selected Projects

UCSC Colleges 9 & 10
Salinas High School

Protection of high value

Protection of high value products, including frozen medical products and equipment such as server rooms, has been accomplished using a variety of technologies as appropriate to the situation.
Fire Protection

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Fire Protection

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Fire Protection

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