Axiom Engineers: High Performance Building and LEED®

Axiom Engineers℠ LEED accredited professionals are experienced in using the LEED rating system, sound engineering techniques and the latest technology to assist building-owners and design teams to achieve an energy and environmentally responsive design solution that does not sacrifice occupant comfort or health.

Energy Efficiency
Building owners should demand energy efficient buildings. A building that is properly oriented on its site, is designed for its climatic conditions, and incorporates a properly designed high performance HVAC and lighting system, saves energy resources and operating costs while providing optimal thermal comfort for the occupants. Our designs provide the best life cycle cost. We are dedicated to the best end result in each and every project. Our consultation focuses on strategies that produce the lowest life-cycle cost with improved performance and low environmental impact.

Environmental Responsibility Educational institutions at all levels are embracing the value of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Proactively choosing to execute their mission in a sustainable building demonstrates an organization’s commitment to educational and environmental stewardship.


• LEED® Certification
• Life Cycle Costing
• Cogeneration
• Natural Ventilation
• Bio Fuel Systems
• Renewable Energy Systems
• Solar Hot Water Heating
• Energy Use Modeling
• Building Commissioning
• Measurement and Verification
• Water Conversation Plumbing
• Enthalpy Recovery Ventilation
• Displacement Ventilation
• Under Floor Air Distribution
• Gray Water Reuse
• Photovoltaic Arrays