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Services: Process Safety and Risk Management

Axiom Engineers: Process Safety and Risk Management

Axiom Engineers℠ can prepare Risk Management Plans (RMP) and Process Safety Management (PSM) programs for clients who use certain hazardous materials in their processes. We specialize primarily in the development of these programs for facilities that use ammonia as a refrigerant in their cooling systems. We have also developed programs for other industries such as wineries and food processing plants. These facilities typically use chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide and chlorine.

The California Accidental Release Prevention Program is comparable to the Federal EPA’s Risk Management Plan; however, the CalARP Program contains additional requirements (such as seismic analysis and interaction with the local Administering Agency), and lower threshold quantities for various regulated substances. Many Industries are also covered by OSHA's Process Safety Management Programs. We can provide expert guidance and prepare documentation for the various Program requirements.

Our Process Safety and Risk Management Services include:

Process Safety Management Plans
Preparation of Process Safety Management Plans to meet California DOSH and OSHA regulations.

Risk Management Plans
Development and preparation of Risk Management Plans to meet California Accidental Release Prevention and US EPA regulations - certified by professional engineer with over 20 years’ experience.

Hazardous Materials Management Plans
Facility review, hazardous materials inventories, evacuation plans, and emergency response.

Compliance Audits
Triennial field and in-house review of Risk Management Plan to assess compliance with CalARP and EPA RMP requirements.

Mechanical Integrity
Field review of ammonia refrigeration and other listed hazardous material handling equipment for operating condition, safety assessment, and proper operation.

Commercial and Industrial Client Services
Process hazard analysis, site safety audit, code compliance, air release modeling.
Refrigeration design, fire protection, controls, and water and wastewater systems
Energy efficiency and alternative energy system design, energy audits, commissioning, LEED design

Axiom Engineers℠ can provide a comprehensive program for compliance with the local Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA), Federal EPA and OSHA, and State authorities.

Monterey SPCA

Safety and Risk Mgmt

P&ID – a piping and instrumentation diagram

Monterey SPCA

Safety and Risk Mgmt

Ventilation control panel

Monterey SPCA

Safety and Risk Mgmt

Ammonia refrigeration