Axiom Engineers: Markets / Wineries

• Has your success outgrown your facility?
• Is your barrel room humidity and temperature out of spec?
• Is your cave too warm?
• Is your fruit handling not up to current standards?
• Are your labor or energy costs out of sight and hitting your bottom line?
• Is your process documentation labor-intensive or disorganized?
• Does your wine quality suffer because of old, sub-standard winery systems and equipment, or antiquated fermentation controls?
• Is your hard-won success over the years now threatened because your winery is tired? Or, is a new facility your need?

Axiom Engineers℠ can help, from master planning to construction documents to commissioning, we offer a total solution: from "concept to cases".
With more than 300 winery projects in the past 30 years, Axiom Engineers℠ has developed an extensive knowledge of all the aspects of the wine making process. From the presses to the bottling lines, we have designed innovative and customized solutions to fit the requirements of tradition and quality that the wine industry expects.

We combine our specialty knowledge of winery processes, winery waste treatment, industrial refrigeration, winery process piping, mechanical, structural, and controls engineering with our core experience in the more traditional disciplines of HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection to produce a well-engineered comprehensive design package for an end-to-end winery solution.

Engineering Design Services

• Air quality control
• Barrel room temp and humidity control
• Barrel storage
• Case goods and bottling
• Caves
• Commissioning, start-up
• Controls and automation
• Crush areas
• Embedded & amp; radiant cooling
• Energy efficiency, Cogeneration
• Facility and process planning
• Fermentation predictive monitoring
• Fermentation tanks and farms
• Fire protection
• Hospitality, tasting rooms
• Laboratory and offices
• Plumbing
• Process equipment
• Process piping
• Process utilities
• Refrigeration
• Risk management plans
• Site utilities
• Waste treatment

Selected Clients

• Acacia, Napa, CA
• Beaulieu, Napa, CA
Bayview, Napa, CA
• Belvedere, Healdsburg, CA
• Beringer, Napa, CA
• Canandaigua, Gonzales, CA
Cardinale, Napa, CA
• Christian Brothers
Constellation Wines, CA
• Foley Estates, Solvang, CA
• Harlan East, Napa, CA
• Joullian Vineyard, Carmel Valley, CA
Jackson, Sonoma, CA
Lange Twins, CA
• Lockwood, King City, CA
• Mont La Salle, Napa, CA
Sanford, Buellton, CA
Scheid Vineyards, CA
• Stonestreet, Healdsburg, CA
The Napa Valley Reserve, CA
Vineyard 29, Napa, CA

The Napa Valley Reserve

Wine Cave


Yokayo Wine Company


Cambria Estate Winery