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DOYLE DRIVE AT HIGHWAYS 101 and 1, Southbound Tunnel

This Caltrans project involved construction of a 4-lane tunnel as part of the Doyle Dive replacement project. The new southbound tunnel serves both north and southbound traffic until the remainder of the presidio tunnels is complete.

The commissioned systems included all electrical distribution from the 12KV PG&E connection to the 120V panelboards. This included all switchgear, protective relays, circuit breakers, and motor control centers. Other commissioned electrical systems included radio rebroadcast, fire protection, battery chargers, power supplies, carbon monoxide detection, hydrogen detection, tunnel and substation lighting controls and luminaries, and substation fan control, and call boxes.

Commissioned mechanical systems included substation ventilation and air conditioning, fire protection standpipe and deluge systems, and tunnel drainage.
Additional commissioned services included training coordination, integration testing of all systems, and development of the systems manual.