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PORTOLA HOTEL AND SPA - Commissioning: Operation & Maintenance

This hotel and spa is pursuing LEED for Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance certification through the use of a Commissioning Agent. Axiom Engineers℠ verified equipment performance to determine low-cost and no-cost improvement options. Commissioning activities included the installation and analysis of over 100 local data loggers. These data loggers provided information that helped identify system inefficiencies and equipment failures.

These improvements are estimated to result in over 20% energy savings with a less than one-year payback. Systems that will benefit from commissioning include eight large packaged rooftop air handlers, the chilled water system, the domestic hot water system, and numerous fan coils. Improvements include installing demand control ventilation, improved utilization of installed economizers, and updating existing lighting systems with compact fluorescents, LEDs, and higher efficiency fluorescents.